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Iassium Ressidence Copou: +40 755 122 000

Metropolitan Luxury Suites:   +40 755 122 000

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More comfort. Best deal.

Ideal for students, Iassium Residence Copou is located near important universities, but also several popular clubs in Iași.


Near the city center


Boulevard Carol I, Nr. 3


Residence Copou cu mic dejun inclus

Metropolitan Luxuri Suites addresses the demands of business people. Its location facilitates access to the most important business hubs in Iași.


Near Palas Mall

Near the Airport

Profesor Paul, nr. 2A


Luxury Suites included breakfast




Closer to the main attractions of Iasi

Iassium Residence invites you to discover old and new JASSY.

Situated in key points of the city, our apartments offer you the opportunity to feel like home, whether you decide to stay for one or several nights.

Iassium Residence Copou (Carol Boulevard, No. 3) is situated in one of the best known and filled with history areas of Jassy, where the attractions of the old city invite you for long walks and relaxation.

Iassium Luxury Suites (Str. Misai) is located near the newer attractions of Jassy: Palas Mall and Iulius Mall.

Iassium Airport Suits is situated near the airport (1,5 km). is situated in the near by of the Airpot (1,5 km).

Our apartments are fully equipped for a confortable stay which wil comfort those who visit Jassy for business, as well as those who choose this city as a vacation destination, but also those who desire to stay here for a long time.

Like a dream! Thank you. We would recommend you to anyone!
It is close to the train station. It has streetcar acces to Iulius Mall, Palas Mall, The Palace of Culture, Union Square, the Philharmonic, Ștefan cel Mare Street.It is in a quiet area, close to the University, museums, Copou park, the Botanical Garden; wonderfully positioned in Iași.The room is clean, well lit, with enough power sockets, plenty of cupboards and racks.The room has full HD plasma TV with radio, a completely equipped kitchen, air conditioning and radiators.

- Dragos